see mo go – get her kicks.

nothin’ like a little ode to the great american road trip to celebrate throwback thursday – and luckily, we’re just a couple hours away from the start of it all, Route 66. we’re planning a big adventure this summer in seek of abandoned gas stations, greasy diners and turquoise jewelry (ok, maybe that’s just me), but until then, we decided to take a few day trips to check out our local stops, a few of which are in Victorville and the surrounding high desert area.

Route66_2Moorea Seal Hat, Necklace | Everlane Sweater | AG Jeans | Madewell Belt


we had the best day. we ate Brian Burgers (made by Brian himself) at the Holland Burger Cafe, stopped for gas at the Mohawk Gas Station and listened to countless stories from friendly Route 66 Museum volunteers (while playing tunes from a real 50’s jukebox, might I add).


special appearances below by Elmer (as in the mastermind behind Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch, where all of these beautiful bottle trees live!) and my faithful Mini (as in Cooper) in the video below. xo, M0.


this is CA, route 66. from See em Go. on Vimeo.

p.s. thank you, sweet husband of mine, for once again surprising me with the most perfect song for the most perfect of videos for the most perfect of days. i would walk 500 miles, love – especially if we ran out of gas. but not in these shoes.


see mo go – to the pnw.

i’m turning 30 this year. i know.

and while the number is intimidating, i think i’m actually pretty excited about it. i think because i’m finally at that point in my life where i totally get myself. you know what i mean? i know what makes me happy. i know what makes me tick. i know how to set a goal and go after it and i finally have both the means, the support and the confidence to do it. it’s funny just how happy that confidence can make you. not cockiness – it’s not self-centeredness at all – it’s more like me, myself and i finally became homies over the past couple of years and we’re totally clicking now. it’s kind of amazing what you can accomplish when you get to that point in your life. i have a feeling it’s going to get better, too. i bring up all this existential stuff because i had a crisis yesterday trying to figure out whether these ice caves are white and gold, or blue and black (i kid!). no but actually i bring this up because sometimes you realize you’re totally aware of all that zen and peace and happiness in the moment you’re actually in. and this was totally one of those moments. and i documented it, cause that’s what i do. enjoy. xo, mo.

Seattle_3aSeattle7aSeattle_4Seattle_10aSeattle_1Seattle_5aSeattle_6Seattle_7aphotos taken at the Big Four Ice Caves in Granite Falls, WA.
if this place isn’t on your bucket list, you should change that real quick.

see mo go – to Seattle.

You may have noticed via my overactive Instagram as of late that the hubs and I took a little long weekend getaway to Seattle last week. We had the most amazing trip and I can’t wait to share (even more) photos with you. That is, if you’re not sick of waterfalls and moss and ice caves and hats yet. No? K, good.

When we get back from vacay I tend to have the terrible habit of not doing anything with our favorite photos besides maybe uploading a few to the blog and filling up our hard drive. But recently we’ve been wanting to switch out some of our old photos to create new gallery walls with our adventures. I came across the Minted “art prints” section and *swoon* – they have the prettiest designs to make your photos into works of art. I’m debating between the two designs below, and am in LOVE with the foil-pressed print of Seattle in the middle. 


via Minted: 1, 2, 3

Have you ordered any of the Minted art prints yet? We get our Christmas cards from them almost every year and I always adore them, so I’m excited to try something new. See any other beauties you like? Would love your advice. Help! xo, Mo

see mo go – to the desert.

sometimes you don’t have to go far to feel far away. so last weekend when our house was being fumigated (ah, termite tenting, the joys of homeownership), we decided to escape to the desert for a little adventure. you might remember my post about Salvation Mountain (which happened to be the only new post on my blog for about nine months. oops.), well it turns out there’s even more to do in the middle of nowhere than we thought. i give you bombay beach, aka, the coolest little ghost town on the block. i mean it’s not really a block, per se, but just go with it.



bombay beach sits on the coast of the salton sea, an accidental, man-made, salt-water lake in the middle of the coachella valley. in its prime, celebrities flocked to its sandy shores for sunbathing and such. now, those same shores are filled with abandoned trailers, graffiti and various household items strewn about in a crazy/creepy/kind of beautiful way.

i’m not a household item, but hey this is a cute hat, right?




truth is, this guy happened to buy a new camera for Christmas (that i may or may not “borrow” occasionally) because it was getting a tad inconvenient to switch lenses/settings/accessories in between him shooting video and me taking photos on our outings. he’s been dying to try out the new gear and if you’re into it, you should check out the super profesh steady cam action in this video he made of our day. xo, Mo.

see mo go – to the salton sea. from See Mo Go. on Vimeo.

p.s. stop and get the BEST banana shake on your way at the International Banana Museum.
p.p.s. salvation mountain is only like half an hour up the road. and still worth the trip.
p.p.p.s. those dolls are SO CREEPY RIGHT.