see mo go – to the desert.

sometimes you don’t have to go far to feel far away. so last weekend when our house was being fumigated (ah, termite tenting, the joys of homeownership), we decided to escape to the desert for a little adventure. you might remember my post about Salvation Mountain (which happened to be the only new post on my blog for about nine months. oops.), well it turns out there’s even more to do in the middle of nowhere than we thought. i give you bombay beach, aka, the coolest little ghost town on the block. i mean it’s not really a block, per se, but just go with it.



bombay beach sits on the coast of the salton sea, an accidental, man-made, salt-water lake in the middle of the coachella valley. in its prime, celebrities flocked to its sandy shores for sunbathing and such. now, those same shores are filled with abandoned trailers, graffiti and various household items strewn about in a crazy/creepy/kind of beautiful way.

i’m not a household item, but hey this is a cute hat, right?




truth is, this guy happened to buy a new camera for Christmas (that i may or may not “borrow” occasionally) because it was getting a tad inconvenient to switch lenses/settings/accessories in between him shooting video and me taking photos on our outings. he’s been dying to try out the new gear and if you’re into it, you should check out the super profesh steady cam action in this video he made of our day. xo, Mo.

see mo go – to the salton sea. from See Mo Go. on Vimeo.

p.s. stop and get the BEST banana shake on your way at the International Banana Museum.
p.p.s. salvation mountain is only like half an hour up the road. and still worth the trip.
p.p.p.s. those dolls are SO CREEPY RIGHT.

see mo go – nowhere. i’m home. haay.

it’s raining, it’s pouring, i’m on my iPad shopping.


oh, is that not how that goes? well this is the remix. grab another cuppa and join me! A few things i’m pining after below. xo, Mo.

see mo go – to boulder.

happy new year, friends! it’s that wonderful/terrible time of year where it still feels like Christmas break one minute and the next you realize it’s only 10 a.m. and you’re stuck at your desk for another 6 hours. i don’t know about you, but the holiday letdown always gives me the travel bug (not like the travel bug ever leaves me alone). but you know, i need something to look forward to besides my daily dose of fluorescent lighting, AC and eye strain.

we decided to plan a little Valentine’s getaway this year, but in the meantime – wanted to share one of my favorite new adventures with you. oh hey, boulder.


boulder is the cutest. like really the cutest. we went for a Utes game and ended up leaving with a win and a few extra lbs in pancakes. whoopsie.

speaking of pancakes, can i just introduce you to the reason pancakes exist, aka Snooze?


i mean seriously, guys. these were the most ridiculous pancakes i have ever eaten. and i have eaten a lot of pancakes.

a few other noteworthy eats, in case you’re wondering:

aside from eating, which we did a lot of, obvi, Pearl Street is totally darling and so worth walking in the cold for the twinkly lights and ambiance. and please, please, please take the drive out to the Stanley Hotel (pictured above) and take the “ghost tour.” i can’t promise any scary twin girl sightings in the hallway (this was the inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining, after all), but i can promise some goofy tour guides and a cute whiskey bar. so there’s that.

another highlight – Estes Park, which i’m pretty sure gets more beautiful each time it snows. see:



so that’s it. go to boulder.

until next time, snow-bunnies. xo, Mo

to you and yours.

sending our christmas best, with love, from the litis.


 (photo by my sissy, Sara Duckett – card by Minted).