thirsty thursday.

heeey guys, it’s thursday! cheers! let’s talk about gin, k?

last week we went to my aunt and uncle’s house for Easter dinner and i have to tell you that there are two things that never disappoint me at Easter dinner and they are 1. my aunt’s homemade lemon surprise desserts and 2. my uncle’s cocktails and yes they are literally the coolest aunt and uncle ever and you absolutely should be jealous.

anywho. we had a few of these and totally craved them immediately after we stopped drinking them so decided to go on a booze field trip last weekend to stock up on Hendrick’s and St. Germain and now here we are. also sometimes when i get excited i speak in run-on sentences, but let’s just keep moving so we can get to the drinks.

collins1collins2collins3elderflower collins: 1pt. St. Germain, 2pts. gin or vodka (we used Hendrick’s here, but I also had it with Tito’s last week and it was just as delish).  top with soda water, a little lime juice and a dash of simple syrup, mix, garnish with a lime slice, et voila! so into it.

think i’m going to try out some more recipes this week with all our new goodies (we even MADE simple syrup, which felt like a very grown-up thing to do) and share them on the blog. got any favorites i have to try? do tell! xo, mo.


inspired by this.

today i am SUPER excited to share that a project i worked on with some of my very favorite people was picked up by one of my very favorite blogs, Inspired By This! i had the pleasure of photographing one of the most beautiful, boho-inspired baby showers that you ever did see and this delightful naked cake is literally just the tip of the icing – like you need to see these photos, trust me. check out the post for a full recap! now excuse me while i go look for cake. xo, mo. 


everywhere on earth you go.

remember when it was winter, yesterday? kind of dying already in this 91-degree, dead of summer weather (it’s March, guys). so i’m dreaming of cool, foggy days and forests far, far away, listening to this song on repeat and thinking about that time a sweater and wool hat were just right. want to daydream with me? xo, mo.

Snoqualmie_5Snoqualmie_3Snoqualmie_4Snoqualmie_2Snoqualmie_Snoqualmie_1p.s. pics from Snoqualmie Falls, just outside of Seattle and well worth the drive. especially on a gloriously foggy morning.