see mo go – to aspen.

hi guys. woah, big blog break. not a lot of excuses over here, just been busy and was needing a little more “me” time lately. anywho, we’ve been on quite a few adventures over the past few months and i wanted to share a few – one of my favorites being our trip to aspen this past summer. So to make up for my extreme absence, here’s a little video to hold you over (courtesy of the hubs, of course).

adventures in aspen. from See Mo Go. on Vimeo.

see mo go. will be taking on a bit of a new direction moving forward (lots more photos/videos/travel, fewer outfit posts – although lezbereal this is me we’re talking about, there will always be outfit posts). hope you’ll stick with me while i work on figuring things out.


p.s. the best pizza of life in snowmass.
p.p.s. the most fun you’ll ever have on a raft.

save me.

art has always been a humbling experience for me. i think because despite my passions for what some would call “art” over the years (mainly dance and photography), the dedication it takes to perfect a masterpiece through paint or pencil (or whatever other medium you choose) is so perplexing since i can hardly draw a stick figure eloquently.

one of the most remarkable works of art I’ve seen as of late is probably one many haven’t heard of – but it was a humbling experience to be in its presence, nonetheless. it’s called Salvation Mountain, and it is the product of countless hours, months – years – of dedication from one man, Leonard Knight, who recently passed away. his legacy undoubtedly lives on through this amazing array of color, symbolism and above all, passion, in the middle of Palm Desert. we were lucky enough to go visit last weekend and while many think him crazy for the years he spent devoted to his passion project, i think him pretty visionary.


SM_1 SM_2 SM_5SM_4

SM_6(2)Gap Shirt | Gap Jeans | Superga Tennis Shoes

through his years of artistry in the small (and ok, a little creepy) town of Niland, Calif., he’s grown quite the following. during the short time we were there we saw a documentary film crew, a slew of volunteers working to preserve and build out new areas of the mountain and dozens of tourists meandering around the caverns and hills crafted ever so intentionally by Knight. and although i hardly think the pictures do it justice, i hope you’ll trust me when i say it’s pretty freaking magnificent.

his message is simple, his work, profound. you can read more about his recent passing and his work here and hopefully draw a little inspiration to be as deeply passionate about something in your life – be it your children, your blog, or your own work of art. i know i have.


in case I forget to tell you later.

there aren’t a lot of occasions i don’t know how to dress for. i mean, there are plenty of times i say “i don’t know what to wear” to an event, a dinner, even an ordinary work day – but those are brought on by my inability to decide what to wear, not a lack of knowledge on what is actually appropriate to wear. (have i lost you yet? i know it’s early). anyway, last weekend i was invited to a polo game (yes, you read that right) and i did not. know. what. to. wear.

my only frame of reference was obviously Pretty Woman (right!?), so i was thinking a big floppy white hat and a polka dot dress, naturally. but then i thought about the desert venue (which will soon be Coachella, if you don’t recognize it) and thought that may be a tad formal. so after pondering over my closet (and reciting a few of my favorite PW quotes – oh yo, oh yo, catch this!), I decided to play it safe with chambray and a maxi. oh, and boots for good measure.

polo_1polo_5polo_3polo_6polo_2polo_4 polopolo_7
Anthro Maxi Skirt | Banana Republic Shirt | Steve Madden Booties

the best news is i think i nailed it. i take that back. the best news is they actually stomp divots in the middle of the match (oh believe me, i relished every moment). i think the moral of the story here is take every chance you get to feel like Julia Roberts because someday maybe we’ll all be shopping on Rodeo and get to ask the snooty SA, “you work on commission, right?” to which they’ll reply, “yes,” to which we’ll reply “big mistake. big. huge. i have to go shopping now.” no? is that not the moral? oh, sorry i get a little distracted sometimes. bwahahaha *closes jewelry box on fingertips*


desert prep.

well i had a super. productive. weekend.

not only did i pull the tags off several of my favorite new spring pieces (like this c’est la vie shirt), but we spent two days exploring the desert and some super random (but kind of epic) tourist spots. can’t wait to show you pics. but first thing’s first – let’s talk about clothes.

desert_prep desert_prep2 desert_prep3 desert_prep4J.Crew Shirt | J.Crew Blazer | Gap Denim (similar) | Etta Pumps (similar)

i always seem to be really drawn to “preppy” pieces in the spring/summer, and this look is no exception. i’ve started to play with the idea of dressing up super caj denim with a little fancy flair a lot lately (like my last Paris look, here), and i feel like a blazer and pumps look just right. not that this is a new concept or anything. the funny thing is, i’m pretty sure my mom wore this outfit (or something eerily similar) in like 1992. but there may have been a bodysuit or stirrups involved. so there’s that.

what’s your favorite way to dress up casual denim? do tell!