everywhere on earth you go.

remember when it was winter, yesterday? kind of dying already in this 91-degree, dead of summer weather (it’s March, guys). so i’m dreaming of cool, foggy days and forests far, far away, listening to this song on repeat and thinking about that time a sweater and wool hat were just right. want to daydream with me? xo, mo.

Snoqualmie_5Snoqualmie_3Snoqualmie_4Snoqualmie_2Snoqualmie_Snoqualmie_1p.s. pics from Snoqualmie Falls, just outside of Seattle and well worth the drive. especially on a gloriously foggy morning.

smells like teen spirt. and oysters.

oh hey, guys. new look over here. how about that for a monday morning surprise? (thank you, thank you, thank you, Sadie Olive!).

but on another note, did you think i would go to Seattle (maybe the unofficial, official foodie capital of the pacific northwest) and not give you a full run-down of how many calories i consumed? well if you did, you were mistaken. so please enjoy some of my favorite tastes, sights and smells of the emerald city.

spaceneedle_Seattle2Public MarketTulipspublicmarket2

as you can imagine, Seattle is all about seafood. which i’m pretty in to. and i actually had every intention of trying oysters for the first time but you know what i ate instead? donuts.

donut_(from Top Pot. nom).

i always wish i had a bigger appetite on vacation. not that i don’t have a big appetite, because my thighs will tell you that i undoubtedly do, but when you go somewhere like the Pike Place Market and you want to try literally every cafe, restaurant, bar and miscellaneous food stand, the struggle is so real. so i had to prioritize. and i chose cheese. so much cheese. and maybe the best tomato soup i’ve ever had in my life at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese.

other eateries of note:

  • Radiator Whiskey (Pike Place) – if you can find it and/or get a table, that is. gravy-covered tater tots. that is all.
  • Taylor Shellfish (Capitol Hill) – clam chowder and a dark & dry cider, for the win!
  • Pie Bar (Capitol Hill) – because it’s a bar. and they serve pie.
  • Damn the Weather (Pioneer Square) pretentious, but the bolognese is worth the hipster-stares.
  • don’t eat at (or do?) Merchant’s Cafe because according to the ghost tour we went on it’s HAUNTED. As in here’s your burger with a side of OHMYGAW WHAT WAS THAT. it’s really dramatic, guys.

Merchant Cafei wish i could show you the whole city in this post, but you know what’s better? this video. so let’s watch that instead. xo, Mo.

this is seattle. from See em Go. on Vimeo.

see mo go – get her kicks.

nothin’ like a little ode to the great american road trip to celebrate throwback thursday – and luckily, we’re just a couple hours away from the start of it all, Route 66. we’re planning a big adventure this summer in seek of abandoned gas stations, greasy diners and turquoise jewelry (ok, maybe that’s just me), but until then, we decided to take a few day trips to check out our local stops, a few of which are in Victorville and the surrounding high desert area.

Route66_2Moorea Seal Hat, Necklace | Everlane Sweater | AG Jeans | Madewell Belt


we had the best day. we ate Brian Burgers (made by Brian himself) at the Holland Burger Cafe, stopped for gas at the Mohawk Gas Station and listened to countless stories from friendly Route 66 Museum volunteers (while playing tunes from a real 50’s jukebox, might I add).


special appearances below by Elmer (as in the mastermind behind Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch, where all of these beautiful bottle trees live!) and my faithful Mini (as in Cooper) in the video below. xo, M0.


this is CA, route 66. from See em Go. on Vimeo.

p.s. thank you, sweet husband of mine, for once again surprising me with the most perfect song for the most perfect of videos for the most perfect of days. i would walk 500 miles, love – especially if we ran out of gas. but not in these shoes.